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Steveman on Patreon
If you like what I do, and would like to help me continue drawing, please consider a donation as large as $1 to my patreon. Every little bit helps. If I can get to $300, I will produce a community recommended and voted piece of this quality or better each month. <3
Former Succubus
She’s a “Former succubus” and if you learn her name or worship the god she works for, you can summon her.

She works for the LN god of magic. Not that he controls magic, but instead is himself a wizard, whose religion is focused around providing free education to everyone.

Within the religion, she’s got a bit of a reputation for being a horrible bitch (She’s Chaotic Neutral, in a religion of mostly Lawful people), but is also seen as the patron of “people who stay up way too late reading and playing games but need to be to school or work early in the morning”.

She came into the service of the god because when she was a succubus she invaded a mage’s home to do normal succubus things, but was captured and bound into a mirror. He was a powerful wizard. He left her like that for years until he needed a payment for services rendered by an angel of the god. He payed with the mirror, and the angel took it to the god and he was like “well shit.” I can’t let the daemon out because that would be introducing more chaos into the world, and she’s a demon so killing her would just be delaying the inevitable. I can’t force her to work for me either, that would be slavery. I guess I just have to leave her in the mirror. I hate it, the only crime she’s committed is existing.“ So after a few centuries he struck upon an idea. If he could get her to willingly let him make her not a demon anymore, he could let her go and offer her a job. So he did, and because she was so bored and lonely she took the offer.

I feel sorry for her, she’s a succubus in the service of an asexual deity whose clergy and ranking followers think she’s a bitch.
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friendly neighborhood Steveman
United States
I am a husband, artist and gamer. I peddle smut for fun and profit. If you like my work and want me to draw something specific for you, drop me a note so we can talk over price.


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